Real Estate Consulting/Coaching Mentoring

Consulting Services for Reno 55 and Reno 100 Financing Only

The RENO 55 and RENO 100 are home improvement loans designed for   the purpose of financing necessary repairs, renovations and even remodels. This loan can be used for primary residence, secondary residence, or investment properties: 2024 RENO 55 and RENO 100 Home Improvement Consulting Agreement Updated Final .pdf

100% Home Improvement Financing/Consulting Services:


The RENOFY 100 Home Improvement Financing and Consulting agreement is designed to assist property owners with obtaining 100% financing to complete a home improvement project 

Consulting Agreement: 2024 RENOFY100 Home Improvement Consulting Agreement Updated Final.pdf

Commercial Consulting Services

Our Commercial & Finance Consulting Program begins with our commercial consulting agreement and the initial consulting fee.  2023 Commercial Consulting Agreement.pdf

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One Time Close-Residential New Construction Financing/Consulting Services (Primary Residence)

2023 One Time Close Buyer Construction Management Consulting Agreement.pdf

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Build Smart- Investor New Construction Consulting/Financing Services-(Builders/Investors)

2023 Builder New Construction Management Consulting Agreement.pdf

Video for Build Smart New Construction

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Deed Transfer/Title Curation Consulting

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